What to Know About the Refrigeration Cycle – Customer Support Portal

There are two sides of the system: the hot side and the cold side. Additionally, there is a compressor within them which helps cool the hot side and pushes out the cold air.

When the thermostat is reading an increase in temperature that the compressor is able to lower the refrigerant pressure to reduce the temperature of it . This means that the air that blows over it will be cooling down too.

The high-pressure and high-temperature gas enters the coil and then raises the pressure of the coolant, so that the air is going to be cool, and the heat will be moved. The heat that is in the hot air is going be projected in the exterior of the house and through the condenser unit on the outside unit.

Cool air results from the cooler air inside which cools and blows the refrigerant. While the procedure itself is straightforward, if you find that your HVAC unit isn’t operating properly it’s best to hire an HVAC professional inspect the equipment.


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