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We’ll advise you on whether making repairs to the AC unit will be more cost effective.
Costs of tree removal

Another cost that homeowners might confront when it comes to Long Island renovation costs is the cost of tree removal. It doesn’t matter if it’s dead, diseased tree, or one that has grown in size that is too big for your yard removal of a tree could become a costly expense. But, you must remember that the price of tree cutting services can differ based on a variety of variables.

The average cost of tree removal ranges from $150-$1,500, based upon the size and placement of the tree, as well as the difficulty of the work. If the tree is located within a power line, a building or other structures the cost could be higher to take it down.

When it comes to tree cutting services it is important to choose an arborist who is local. An arborist is a skilled professional with a specialization in the treatment and removal of trees. The arborist has the expertise and skills to safely eliminate trees with out causing harm to your property or other structures. They are also equipped with the right equipment to handle the job.

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