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You are able to establish your legal possession of assets through the submission of documents. When transferring assets to an trust, it’s vital to confirm the authenticity of all documents.

In order to fund or transfer assets into the trust, you will need logbooks, deeds or stock certificates.

To make sure that the process is smoother when creating the trust and living will, gather the necessary documents early as you can.

Select the Trust Type and Living Will You Wish to Use

It is possible to have any number of trusts. A single living trust is just the trust you. A joint living trust usually includes you as well as a third party usually your spouse, or the grantors.

Couples who are married often are able to establish joint living trusts. It dictates the transfer of assets shared to your spouse upon your passing and the reverse. Like a single living trust additional beneficiaries may be included in a joint trust.

Living trusts that are joint and single are either revocable or irrevocable. Trusts that can be revocable are subject to change or modified, changed, or even dissolved at any date. Revocable trusts can be dissolved at any time. Modifying or dissolving irrevocable trusts can be a huge challenge and is almost impossible. Thus, care must be taken before making an irrevocable trust.

Choose Your Beneficiaries

Perhaps the best thing about picking your beneficiaries is the ability to pick them.


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